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“Caby” originated from two adorable kittens that our founder had, beginning from sharing music to the music classroom now, we wish to spread the beauty of music.

Caby Sound started from simple music sharing, located at National Taiwan University’s gazebo with two chairs and two guitars, the melodious notes spread throughout the corners of the campus. As people who wanted to learn grew, in the spring of 2004, the founder of Caby Sound came to Shilin district, chose the seventh floor of a building and started Caby Sound, giving students and teachers a place to learn without rain and wind.

In 2002, to provide a more convenient and comforting environment, Caby Sound brought along everyone to a new location near the MRT at Zhongshan Street and spent a lot of energy on the renovations, especially using wood style decorations to create a warm and stable atmosphere along with complete equipment and curriculum, providing a warm, professional, trustworthy music world for all music lovers. At the same time, we are also the proxy for several branded instruments, hand-made guitars, pick-ups, guitar amps and other accessories, giving our guitar loving friends a platform to communicate and create.

2016, we used our imagination, and moved across from our previous location, our renovation maintained our old wood-style decorations, including our incredible teaching team, providing our students a professional studying environment.

2017 is the 15th year of Caby Sound; on the road of music, we preserved our original purpose, spreading the love for finger style, making finger style grow more and more vigorously, besides Caby Sound, it is also the objective of many acoustic guitar shops that are striving for. We will keep our humble attitude and step forward towards out 15th year, making a better music environment in Taiwan.