K&K pure mini

///K&K pure mini

K&K pure mini


K&K Pure Mini 的特別之處在於不用電池,不破壞吉他,安裝方便,聲音絕對木頭原音。打板、敲琴頭、拍弦都極佳(音色取決於您的吉他)。







  • 產品說明

Electric drill (for endpin jack mount)

Drill bits, at least 3/8″ (10mm) and 1/2″ (12mm for endpin jack mount) or ½” Forstner bit

Pliers or wrench for endpin jack installation

Large size nail for punching holes into jig

Flashlight and small handheld mirror for visual check

Acetone (if bridgeplate surface is dirty)

Fine sandpaper or razorblade (if residue on bridgeplate surface or if not smooth and level)

Some double side adhesive carpet tape or similar (for pinless bridge only)

3 latex gloves (for pinless bridge only)

double side adhesive “carpet” tape (for pinless bridge only)

1/16” drill bit (for pinless bridge only)